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Great Value doesn’t sell itself

Can innovation turn into a process? TOC has a guided process for out of the box thinking.

It is a holistic process that covers the steps from value creation to concept development, business model and execution.


Your job is not what you do

There is a difference between what you do and what is your job. Your job is the goal you pursue. As a leader, the goal you pursue must help your organization achieve its goal.

Are you aiming high enough? What is the trap with incremental improvements?

Setting an ambitious target is a big challenge. Navigating toward it through obstacles and uncertainty is even more demanding.

TOC provides the required mindset for this journey.


Strategy is always about solving a problem

Yet, most problems are not worth solving. Which problems to ignore and which problem really matters? 

TOC has a guided process to answer the following questions: 1. What to change? 2. What to change to? 3. How to cause the change?


The primary objective of operations is flow

We tend to see many separate objectives: output target, due date performance, operating expenses, quality and safety. Many times these objectives seem to have conflicting requirements.

Yet, when we focus on improving the system’s flow, we are likely to achieve all of the above.

All the perceived conflicts and compromises lose their importance.

TOC provides a unique set of tools designed to improve flow in different business and operational environments.