Peeling the Layers of Resistance

Thursday, November 1, 2018 - Salt Lake City

Lunch at 11:30 | Presentation at Noon | Open Forum at 1:00

Program Available Online After The Live Event


The hardest part is convincing people to make the change. Rami Goldratt, CEO of the Goldratt Consulting Group, will give you new insights into the rational and irrational layers of resistance to change, and how effective leaders help their people navigate through the layers to gain enthusiastic participation. 

In this special TOC Club Event, you will learn:

  • key pitfalls of the typical approach to communicating a change

  • a simple, logical, more effective sequence for communication

  • ways to address the deeper, psychological barriers to the change that may still be in the way

Following his presentation, join us for a real bonus! A one-hour Open Forum with Rami, during which he will answer questions on a wide range of TOC topics.

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