Past Learning Events

Missed a TOC Club Learning Event? Want to enhance your understanding by reviewing an event one more time? Here are links to recordings of recent TOC Club Learning Events.


Navigating Our Growth

Lisa Scheinkopf, Partner at Goldratt Consulting and Global Director of Goldratt School explains the vicious cycle of job dissatisfaction and points the way for organizations and individuals to reverse it.


Innovation Without Frustration

Dr. Yishai Ashlag, Senior Partner at Goldratt Consulting Ltd., is credited with spearheading the TOC Process for Business Innovation, and has personally guided teams in public and private sector, new startups and mature organizations alike, to use the TOC for Business Innovation process for stimulating good ideas, evaluating their merit, and structuring the right business model to turn the idea into a growing, profitable business. 


Flow: The Primary Objective

Dr. Ajai Kapoor, Partner at Goldratt Consulting North America, explains the practical TOC approach for creating high velocity flow through any type of organization, and illustrates the nitty gritty “how to” through real life examples from a variety of industries.

Playing by the Numbers

Lisa Scheinkopf, Partner at Goldratt Consulting and Global Director of Goldratt School, shares insights on when the numbers can lead us astray, and the TOC approach to using the numbers to make better decisions.


Peeling Away the Layers of resistance to change

In this special TOC Club Event, Rami Goldratt, CEO of Goldratt Consulting, shared key pitfalls of the typical approaches to communicating a change, and laid out a simple, logical, more effective sequence for communication. He concluded with ways to address the deeper, psychological barriers to the change that may still be in the way.

Bosses, .Bureaucracy and Buy-In

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Andrew Busch offers is perspectives and insights on leading major TOC initiatives during his tenure in the USAF..