TOC Club Summer Series

Gain insights from these top TOC experts and corporate leaders, delivered at the Building on Success 2017 conference . Join TOC Club in Salt Lake City at the Building on Success 2018 conference, where many of these same speakers will return.  

TOC Club resumes live on November 1st in Salt Lake City with Rami Goldratt.


Rami Goldratt, CEO, Goldratt Consulting Group

The 4 Pillars of TOC

Rami provides the practical view of the pillars of TOC, explaining how these guidelines enable individuals and organizations to achieve more and more of their goals.

If you are interested in the TOC Thinking Processes, join Rami at BUILDING ON SUCCESS 2018, where he will be leading a 1-day pre-conference workshop entitled “Breakthrough Thinking”. 


David Garrison, Senior Vice President, Delta Air Lines

From Frustration to Opportunity

David describes how TOC has helped Delta Tech Ops cut through overwhelming complexity and realize sustainable breakthrough results with TOC.

Delta will be featured in 3 presentations at BUILDING ON SUCCESS 2018, including a keynote address by  COO Gil West.


Dr. Yishai Ashlag, Senior Partner Goldratt Consulting Group

The 5 Major Misconceptions of Innovation

Dr. Ashlag uses real-life examples to describe the 5 misconceptions of Innovation and outline how TOC is used to turn the art of innovation into a robust, repeatable process. 

Join Dr. Ashlag at BUILDING ON SUCCESS 2018 where he will be leading a 2-hour interactive workshop on the TOC Process for Innovation.


Yazdi Bagli, Vice President Global Services, Procter and Gamble

Driving Throughput in a Shared Services Environment

Yazdi shares his journey and successes in applying TOC Thinking and Project Management solutions to Procter and Gamble's portfolio of software development and deployment projects.

If improving software & technology interests you, you won’t want to miss BUILDING ON SUCCESS 2018 where Michael Hussey, CIO for the State of Utah Department of Technology Services, will share how TOC is helping improve the value of the State’s software and technology projects.