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Theory of Constraints


Is management an art or a science? Depends.

As long as we keep relying on our intuition it's an art. If we turn our intuition into logic and expose our assumptions and evaluate them, it can turn into a science. A good leader marries the art and science of management.

Theory of  Constraints is a management theory that over the last three decades puts its assumptions to test again and again in various environments  in both private and public sectors.

Theory of Constraints framework is based on answering two questions: 1. What is your system’s goal? 2. What is the constraint that limits the system’s ability to achieve more of its goal?

Trying to improve a system without knowing it's main constraint is counterproductive and frustrating, as often enough too many of the improvement efforts don't yield the expected results.

Constraints tend to have a negative connotation. Theory of Constraints gives it a positive meaning.

Understanding what is holding you back, whether it’s a policy, a wrong assumption, an external force or an internal capability, can give you a big push forward.